Level 1 Training Live on Zoom

This level 1 training covers the foundations of Biodecoding®. It comprises 6 modules and makes you eligible for certification as a Biodecoding® Coach.
While diving into an inner adventure, you will acquire new skills. The Level 1 certification training is open to both professionals and lay people searching for new healing tools.
During those 6 modules you are going to discover how to listen and understand emotions at the origin of your symptoms.
You will learn to identify and unravel your true felt feelings to then be able to give them a positive meaning. This new message from your body will bring relief, guidance and recovery.
This personal and collective adventure will bring deep transformation within as you are going to uncover unknown parts of yourself and acquire competency in helping others.


What will this certification bring you?

 As a seasoned therapist (psychologist, naturopath, nurses, coaches…), already with the first module you will be able to understand the biological meaning of disease and use right away in your practice the protocols. Through personal work, supervision and the validation of your knowledge and skills, you will learn many powerful signature protocols and concepts that will allow you to accompany efficiently your clients.

 If you are not a therapist or you wish to become a therapist, you will be offered a secure space to develop your experience. After the validation of your competency at the end of the training, you will be able to accompany your clients and loved ones using the techniques you have learned. A regular supervision of your practice will be required though to insure a safe practice as you are becoming more proficient with your new skills.



Discover and experience the emotion-brain-body connection. Understand how one “gets sick” through the logic of the symptom and the biological meaning of disease. Fine tune your ability to listen to the biological feelings and learn how to transform them. Tell the difference between thoughts, sensations and emotions.

MODULE 2 (3 days)

The 2 logics: rational one and the emotional one; The Bio-target; the Bio-shock; The primary and secondary felt feelings and needs; The main categories of conflicts; The 3 biological ploys; Psyche/Brain/Body connection; Phylogenesis and ontogenesis; Procrustean conflict and Diagnosis conflict; “Biologization” options; Allergies; 1 st biological stage of evolution: organs of the brain stem.

MODULE 3 (3 days)

The autonomic nervous system; Inflammation; Phases of disease; Epiletic crisis; organ failure; Syndrome of exhaustion; Chronicity; Fear conflict; Germs and infection; 3 plans of conflicts: real, irrational and symbolic; 2 nd stage of evolution: Cerebellum and its organs.

MODULE 4 (3 days)

Anatomy and physiology of the brain; headaches and brain tumors; cancer; concept of Eraser and Inkpot; 3 rd biological stage of evolution: cerebral medulla and its organs

MODULE 5 ( 3 days)

Left and right side; Biological portal; locking conflicts; initiation to the predicates; Pain; 4 th biological stage of evolution: cerebral cortex and its organs; Feminine and masculine feelings; non gender-related
feelings; Hormonal shift.

MODULE 6 (3 days)

Integration of the 5 modules
New protocols
Evaluation for certification

Christian Flèche


Biodecoding® is not a promise for healing, is not a set truth nor a certitude. It’s an opening, an exploration with curiosity, a field of hypotheses with a therapist as a guide but where only the patient’s experience will validate or not. Our approach is not an alternative to medicine, it can be complementary to it.

Biodecoding® do not replace a consultation with a physician or any other health professionals (psychologists, osteopaths, energy workers, physical therapists…).

Every patient and student is encouraged to follow the treatments and advice from their physicians.

Biodecoding® is not total biological approach of the living, is not reduced to a transgenerational aspect and is not an offspring of German New Medicine of Dr Hamer.

The Biodecoding® practitioner does not prescribe any medical treatment and does not make any medical diagnosis.

The Biodecoding® practitioner does not replace a medical physician in any of his functions.

This training is aimed for any health professionals taking care of the health of body (nurses, physicians, physical therapists, osteopaths, etc), and of the psyche (psychologists, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, coaches, etc). It is also open to athletes, teachers, social workers and anyone with no medical background who are in the field of wellness and helping others.

It is also aimed for anyone interested in wellness searching for self-development and healing tools for their everyday life.

All modules are taught by a teacher from the Biodecoding® School of Christian Flèche


The price for cycle 1 remotely (17 days) is £120 per day.
The payment of training, depending on the amount, can be spread over 3 to 6 months.
A 10% discount is granted for cycle 1 for full payment for the first module.
The revised rate is 50% of the full rate.

Training: 17 days

This training invites you to discover and then acquire knowledge to develop or complete your practice of the helping relationship in a concrete way. This cycle consists of 6 “modules” of 2 and 3 days each, which are spread over 6 months, (twice a year) to validate your Biodecoding® Advisor title.


Throughout the course, protocols are presented and practiced.
The classification of topics by module is given for information only.
They will all be addressed according to the course of the training and the dynamics of the group.


The training schedules are generally from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., they can be modified according to the progress of the group during the training and according to the organization of each teacher of the school.


One week before the training, you will receive a booklet by email as well as information, schedules and links to connect by zoom on the day of the training.


In each training cycle, a validation of theoretical-practical skills and a case review is carried out.

Cycle 1 Biodecoding Advisor
Cycle 2 Accompanist in biodecoding
Cycle 3 Psycho-bio-therapist

During the course, it is proposed to carry out personal work through therapy, carrying out a minimum of therapy sessions during the three training cycles, to obtain the title of psychobiotherapist.
Each practitioner therapist in biological decoding accepts a code of ethics and signs a note of respect towards users, organizers, teachers, medicine and psychology.

The validation of cycle 1 allows:

– the active therapist (psychologist, psychotherapists, etc.) to use from the first module the protocols and the biological understanding of diseases, personal work and supervision will allow him to know many effective protocols and central, fundamental themes of diseases and health to support his patient

– to non-therapists or future therapists: to this end, they must acquire experience in a secure environment. Having the validation at the end of the first year, he informs his patients that he is in training and can use what he has learned in order to be able to integrate it on the condition of coming to supervise his practice.

It is appropriate to encounter rather small pathologies to begin with.


and school teachers


2024 Cycle

Cycle 1 training dates

Module 1 from January 13/14, 2024 by zoom


Module 1 from february 10/11, 2024 by zoom

Cycle 1 training dates

Module 2 from April 26/27/28, 2024 by zoom
Module 3 from May 24/25/26, 2024 by zoom
Module 4 from June 21/22/23, 2024 by zoom
Module 5 from August 30 to September 1, 2024 by zoom
Module 6 – Validation of September 27/28/29, 2024 by zoom