Christian Flèche

Author, director of the French school of practical decoding


Christian Flèche founder of the French school of biological decoding “Bio Décodage Pratique ®”

Christian Flèche is of paramedical training, Nurse, DE He does not come from the world of psychology, but that of biology: the functioning of the human body, the diseases, are a metaphor for our needs, our emotions, our experiences of life.

From meeting to meeting: Marc Fréchet, the work of Mr. Erickson, a few elements borrowed from Hamer, Christian Flèche has developed a form of listening to the symptom: biological, cyclical, trans-generational.

He, with Philippe Lévy, created new protocols, making Biological Decoding ™ an original emotional diagnostic method, as well as a new form of Brief Therapy.

Christian Flèche is a Master Practitioner in NLP, Practitioner in Metaphors, author of 17 books, 2 audio CDs.

Creator in 1993 of the Biological Decoding, trainer in March 1994, he is now the Educational Director of the French School of D. B.: “Bio Décodage Pratique ®” and of the International School of Free Health.


“Everything that is not expressed is, in the body, imprinted.”

The living being has a body to express its programs of survival and adaptation to unforeseen novelties of everyday life. This body has within it all the resources to find the origin of diseases, to release the feelings, to prevent them.

Disease is possible thanks to certain biological principles. The symptom is the adaptation reaction to an unsuccessful event which freezes over time. It can reproduce at a distance from the initial trauma by simple internal stimulation (thought) or external (anchor). The trauma is followed by post-traumatic amnesia.

The symptom is maintained over time thanks to the limiting belief that is causal or subsequent to the shock. In other words, the problem is not the disease but what created it: this event so shocking that we suppressed it. “The disease of the body is the translation, by the brain, of a biological program of survival experienced by the psyche.”

Biodecoding® is based on the experience of many researchers and practitioners such as: Marc Fréchet, Groddeck, Philippe Lévy and other authors have demonstrated that “diseases” do not exist as isolated manifestations of a disease. cause, but that they can be biological programs, loaded with meaning. The disease would therefore have a meaning, it would be a biological program of survival to adapt to an unmanageable situation, source of stress (cf. H. Laborit, H. Selye).

The objective of Biodécodage® is through listening, to identify the emotional origin of the disease and to support towards transformation.


Emotion is the song of cells, their murmur, electric, hot and chemical light, the subjective reality of cell nuclei. Emotion is a small cell that speaks of itself, that shows itself, fierce-animal. modest monk, nude artist, she says herself without veil, in satisfaction or in frustration.

When an organ is considered “sick” (!), It expresses this biological function in lack or excess (quantity) or in unsatisfactory quality. The disease is a feeling that has become unconscious, entered into biology. The pathologizing feeling is an unsatisfied biological function. Biological function is a mode of adaptation to the outside world. And we are the totality of our modes of adaptation, put in place and then conveyed by all our ancestors.

Biodecoding® is a new approach to therapy and health based on the biological meaning of symptoms. The observation, listening to patients by a growing number of researchers, doctors, therapists and enthusiasts, highlight the intrinsic link between each disease and an emotion called: conflictual biological feeling.

Why? Because the body is a collection of organs. They perform a biological function for the survival of the whole. The lungs breathe to oxygenate all the cells. The stomach digests for all the cells; the bones support the whole body and allow it to explore the world; the sense organs nourished, oxygenated, carried, bring information to the brain which allows the body to find its food etc.

This is biological and not psychological.

Life is biological by nature, psychological by accident.

Indeed, when the biological function is satisfied, the biological feeling of satisfaction appears. We ate well, we feel good, sated, satisfied; we slept well, we are safe, we see something beautiful, we have defecated, had sex …

In summary, as soon as an organ is filled, a specific emotion appears: liberated, relieved, transported, touched, filled, etc. And when a biological function is not satisfied, as soon as an organ has not had what it is programmed for, a sensation immediately appears in order to correct that: it is the biological conflictual feeling:

Dermis: soiled
Larynx: scared
Thyroid: impatient
Epidermis: isolated
Stomach: disgusted
Rectum: put aside
Cervix: frustrated

The specific feature of biodecoding® or biological decoding® of diseases is the biological decoding of all diseases without exception: physical, functional, organic, genetic, psychological, behavioral diseases. To decode in a biological way is to ask oneself:

What is the positive function of this symptom?

No more tanning, a melanoma allows more protection
More lungs catch more oxygen
More breast makes it possible to manufacture more milk, and thus to nourish more the one, that one believes in danger
No more nausea, vomiting eliminates more indigestible annoyance

In other words: What does pathology bring to physiology?

Biodecoding® is the art of decoding, of listening to the patient in a biological way, in order to find the moment of onset of illness: bio-shock or psycho-shock.

To do this, the Biodecoding® technique uses predicates, or biological language specific to each person (“I’m enjoying life to the fullest”, “this story is bothering me”, “let’s say it’s working in the right direction”, “you m’as cassé ”etc.), eraser and inkwell, clinic and makes the link with a personal story.

Any disease starts in an instant, following a bio-shock, which is called a triggering conflict, because it triggers, awakens a past conflictual history or programming conflict.



“I feel deprived of any space of freedom, of life, of comfort, so I want to open my bronchi fully. And, at the same time, what they offer me oppresses me, intoxicates me, so I close myself off from this pollution, from this atmosphere ”.

“I want a large, fragrant, airy room, and they make me sleep in the cellar.”


“I have to do two opposite things at the same time: leave – stay; get up – sit down. ”

The parents of child X divorce and offer to follow the parent of her choice. But if he goes with mom, he’ll never see dad again, and vice versa. Whatever he does, he loses.


“So as not to be attacked. I separate myself from myself, from who I am.”

“At school, if I express myself, they will laugh at me. criticize me, judge me and then reject me. ”

“If I don’t speak out, no one comes to me, I feel lonely. ”


l) “Contact is imposed on me” We burn our hands. We are in pain. It’s a signal. I must not be in contact with this. We bump into a window. It hurts. So the contact is imposed.
2) “I am separated from comfort” Inkwell, since there is pain. So there is something to be added. I am separated from the comfort, the softness, the pleasure, the feeling. Feel something rather than nothing.


“(Affective) food is both toxic and essential. Without it, I cannot live, with it, I die. ”

“I need affection, tenderness, but I believe that this affection hurts me. I reject it. ”


“People attack me, annoy me, I want to isolate myself, put myself in a bubble but I can’t stand loneliness. ”

“I want both not to be separated and, at the same time, not to be invaded. I need the other, not to be too far away but not too close either. ”

“I am in a clinic: they take care of me, I resolve my separation conflict) and I put everything at a distance since I am in my inner world. I resolve my conflict of aggression). ”


“I devalue myself because I can’t find how to act” Conflict in connection with intermediaries, deputy head, internet, post … Pre-conflict: personality who needs to control.



Practical Biological Decoding is not a promise of healing, is not a truth, a certainty. It is an openness, a curiosity, a field of hypotheses with the therapist as a guide, but which only the patient can confirm or deny. Our approach is not an alternative to medicine, it can sometimes be complementary to it.

Practical Biological Decoding does not replace a consultation with a doctor or another health professional (such as a psychologist, osteopath, energy specialist or physiotherapist…).

All patients, interns and others are encouraged to follow treatment and advice from the doctor.

Biological Decoding is neither a total biological approach to living things, nor a reduction to transgenerational aspects, nor an ancillary discipline of the new medicine defended by Dr. Hamer.

The Biological Decoding practitioner does not prescribe any medical treatment, does not make any medical diagnosis.

The practitioner in Biological Decoding does not replace the doctor in all his attributes.


This training in Practical Biological Decoding is aimed at professionals in the health of the body (nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, etc.), health of the mind (psychologists, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, coaches, etc. .), athletes, teachers, as well as all people without a medical basis, in the field of, or interested in, the relationship of help and well-being (with children, adolescents, or adults) .

It is also intended for people interested in a better being, allowing them to walk on their own personal development and acquire tools for everyday life.

All the modules are provided by trainers from the Biodécodage® school.


In each training cycle, theoretical-practical skills are validated and a case review is carried out.

During the course, it is proposed to carry out personal work through therapy, carrying out a minimum of therapy sessions during the three training cycles, to obtain the title of psychobiotherapist.

Each practitioner therapist in biological decoding accepts a code of ethics and signs a note of respect towards users, organizers, teachers, medicine and psychology.



The first cycle of bio-decoding advisor, includes the basics of biological decoding, the fundamentals and a list of basic topics. It is taught in 6 modules. (1st module, the fundamentals in 2 days and 5 modules of 3 days) from Friday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The fundamental modules and 2 are to be done successively.

Modules 3/4/5 can be done in any order, module 6 in person with Christian Flèche will validate cycle 1.


Module 1 Fundamentals

Discover and experience the emotion / brain / body link. Understand how “we get sick”: the logic of the symptom, the biological meaning of diseases. Refine listening to sickly biological feelings and transform them. Distinguish thoughts, sensations, emotions.

Module 2 (3 days)

The two logics, rational, emotional; The Biocible; The Biochoc; Primary and secondary feelings and needs; Families of conflicts; The 3 lures of biology; Link psyche / brain / body; Phylogeny and Ontogeny; Conflicts of Procrust and diagnosis; Choice of “biologization”; Allergies; The 1st floor: brainstem.

Module 3 (3 days)

The vegetative system; Inflammation; The stages of the disease; Epileptic seizure; Self-triggering conflict; Insufficiency; Exhaustion syndromes; Chronicity; Conflict of fear; Germs, infections; Three conflict plans; Real, irrational, and symbolic; The 2nd floor: the cerebellum.

Module 4 (3 days)

Anatomy, physiology of the brain; Headaches and brain tumors; Cancer; Eraser and inkwell; The 3rd floor: Marrow.

Module 5 (3 days)

Right and left sides; The portal for entry into biology; Locking conflicts; Initiation to predicates; Pains; Laterality; The 4th floor: cortex; Feels masculine and feminine; Felt “non-sexed”; Hormonal switch.

Module 6 (3 days)

Integration of the 5 modules and validation.
New protocols
Advisor certification passage



The second cycle of bio-decoding guide includes the study of different systems, organs and tissues; as well as its relation to symptoms and pathologies from the point of view of biological decoding of diseases.



The specialization is 5 modules (1 modules of 3 days and 4 modules of 4 days). Thursday to Sunday 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

The content of the modules does not change, but the order of the modules may vary depending on the organization of the courses and the availability of teachers. Please check with the organizer for the order of each year.

PREREQUISITES: Undergraduate

Each module can be followed independently of the others

Module 1 – PCU, study module of: Pneumo, Cardio, Uro.
Module 2 – DG, study module of: Digestive, Gyneco, supervision.
Module 3 – NE, study module of: Neuro, Endocrino, supervision.
Module 4 – OH, study module of: Osthéo, Hémato, supervision.
Module 5 – ODO, study module of: Ophthalmos, Dermato, Ear, supervision
Pre-validation during supervision
Validation with Christian Flèche

So we can start to live, or continue to live and build our lives according to our deepest aspirations.

NLP cycle – Bio-Pnl 1 – and Bio-Pnl 2

NLP bio training French Institute for Biological Decoding Branch of Christian Flèche’s School of Biodecoding

You will be able to discover tools of P N L. as a subject (working on your own conflicts) and as a programmer (therapist); the goal being, from the day after the internship, to be able to use concrete therapeutic tools yourself.

This training is part of the validation plan for the training in Bio Decoding. It provides access, as an assistant in Bio Decoding. .

It can help therapists to accompany patients in this work, without acting or thinking for them.

Bio-NLP – Basics of the therapist-patient relationship
Bio-NLP – Tools and Protocols



The third cycle of psycho-bio-therapist consists of several seminars, on different themes, essential and complementary for the understanding and treatment of cases in therapy. Some seminars are open to all.

Transgenerational – Open to all

In this module, we will explore the space-time of ancestors.
We will discover how transgenerational history influences our lives, through our symptoms, our profession, our passions …

The goal is to honor our ancestors, not with the repetition of suffering, but to honor them with Life and Health!

– We will also discover some transgenerational memories that are at the origin of specific symptoms, and why the stories repeat themselves.
– We will also discover what are the transgenerational tracks that give rise to problems, affective, work, judgment, physical symptoms and others.
– We will learn to work from a symptom and to find the cause in the family tree. And how to release this transgenerational rail in unconscious memory.
– We will learn how adults who died young or children who died among the ascendants influence the experience of the descendants. And how to “get rid of the weight of the dead”.
– We will learn to recover a transgenerational memory which is at the origin of a symptom, even if the subject has little information about his family history.
– We will learn to work from an invisible family fidelity to find our destiny.

Sense and biological cycles project – Open to all

Behind every conception there is an unconscious parental desire. This unconscious desire is made up of multiple projects that guide our lives, including the choice of our profession, our hobbies, etc.
These projects are sometimes so powerful that they prevent us from living our real life. We may feel that the life we ​​are leading is not the life we ​​should be living. Or as if life has no meaning: what’s the point? As if deep inside us, we know that there is something else: it is, in fact, our life mission, which is there asleep within us. We will discover how our unconscious brain remembers these projects, and especially how to free those that limit us. In a way, drop the load, the suitcases that are not ours. And start by taking back full power over our life!

In a second moment, open the space of the meaning of our Life. This part aims to reconnect us with our life mission. This process allows us to connect with our true self: the Inner Self.
So we can start to live, or continue to live and build our lives according to our deepest aspirations.

Beliefs – Open to all

“Beliefs” is your compulsory postgraduate workshop for students of the training who have completed several modules of the first cycle of Basics or are in the second cycle of Conflictology, people from other decoding schools and / or NLP therapists. If you know what belief work is, you can take this a step further.

What will this course bring you?
What is a belief? – When, how and why is this belief established? – Do we decide to believe in everything we believe? – And, above all, how to unmask beliefs and get rid of them?
The definition of the concept of beliefs, how are the truths about ourselves, about others and about the world. The course is about practice and change: how to modify our limiting beliefs to regain the freedom to be and the unity of the Self.
Face your beliefs with courage and you’ll never see things the same way again!

Behavior disorders

Behavioral disorders are the manifestation of BIOLOGICAL conflicts which could not manifest themselves in the body or in the brain.
During behavioral disorders:
– We will explore the minor mental disorders that we can find in all the people we accompany.
– We will also explore major mental disorders in order to identify cases that we cannot treat.
– To discover the concrete contribution of biological decoding in understanding
psychosis and neurosis.
– Explore and integrate mental disorders in relation to conflicts from the four stages of biology: brainstem, cerebellum, medulla and cerebral cortex.
– Give yourself the opportunity to act in the conflicts which are at the base of many forms of association of conflicts which are mental disorders.
It is an essential course for those who wish to use biological decoding in therapeutic sessions.

to follow and understand this course, it is necessary to have followed the basic training.

Why become a therapist

Why be a therapist? Why do you want to be a therapist? Where does your wish come from? How did you achieve this goal?
These are questions that every therapist must ask himself to be clear from where to face this work in which you are a mediator between the unconscious and the person.

In this workshop we are going to talk about the best way to help the client, how to support him and what attitude he should have as a therapist. This is a theoretical-practical course with many work protocols to allow you to practice your profession.

We will give you the guidelines and advice to observe and listen, propose and understand, accompany you without prior judgment and with warmth and how to feel, as a therapist, involved but not involved but as a professional.

Psychobiotherapist validation and study of a therapy session


We also offer “Optional” modules open to all audiences and without pre-requisites.

They ideally complement and fully enrich the biological decoding training.

Predicates (cycle 1 prerequisite)
Child family therapy (Open to all)
Couple family therapy (Open to all)
Psychopathology (Open to all)
Hypnosis (Open to all)
Locking conflicts (prerequisite cycle 1)
Therapeutic metaphors and double constraints (Open to all)
Intuition and creativity (Open to all)
Mourning (Open to all)
Overweight (Open to all)
Addictions and freeing oneself from addictions (Open to all)
Structure of change (Open to all)
Identity of the character to the essential being (open to all)
Predicates (2 days)

Language informs us directly about our unconscious. Our conflicts our history our resources. Listening to language is listening to the unconscious and being able to speak directly to it, and to be accepted by it. The language is therefore Biological. This internship will accelerate your understanding and your access to the unconscious of each patient.

A man has cancer in his neck glands, He tells me about many problems. Which one is linked to his illness? He bought a house and beheaded the top floor he told me. This decapitated predicate takes us straight to its programming conflict.

Family therapy for children (3 days)

Understand and act beyond a dysfunction. This type of training is essential for any therapist who wishes to work with children. Because, by acting on his family, or on the representation he has of it, we treat the child for his dysfunction. If not later, we will treat the child in the adult patient, as is so often the case. This workshop is open to therapists, as well as to the curious and to volunteers of personal work. Because each one keeps within himself the imprint of his family life which he will unconsciously reproduce in his life.

Discover how psycho-biological conflicts are transmitted between generations and resolve them,
Detect unexpressed family conflicts, detect pathogenic games that are hidden at different levels of the family system,
Family cushions,
Find the role play played by the child:
alliance game
hidden repetition,
hidden rule: who do we obey?
unspoken, secrets, …
Staging the conscious and unconscious emotions experienced by each element of the family.
Couple family therapy (3 days)
Psychopathology (6 days)
Bio-Hypnosis 1 (4 days)

This training aims to make you discover and master the basics of the therapeutic tool of Ericksonian hypnosis in connection with biological decoding.

Program :

Put a person in hypnosis (Modify State of Consciousness).
Support him ethically and safely.
Fixation / Dissociation
Use synchronization, calibration, ratification and hypnotic language.
The linking words, the truisms, the fuse, the sprinkling.
Learn to construct hypnotic sentences with the phrase machine.
Bring the person to his secret garden, his place of resources.
The Chinese portrait.
Awareness of the part that fights against the symptom.
Let go of the inner struggle.
Work on resistances.
Awareness that the PART that RESISTS is a PART that PROTECTS itself from an emotion, a memory, a belief.
Free the part that is afraid.

  • Bio-Hypnosis 2 (4 days)

Program :The part that wants, the part that does not want. Work on double constraints.
The ego of the Future, the ego of the Present, the ego of the Past. (great protocol to be used for all symptoms, physical or psychological.
The frame and the canvas.
There are people who are FRAMEWORK. For them, what is important is the work, the schedule, start and finish on time, etc. Everything must be “framed”.
Others are CANVAS, for them what is important is intuition, freedom, dreaming, improvisation, etc.
This protocol consists of rebalancing the two.
Meeting with a guide.

Locking conflicts (3 days)

This theme, studied during biobases, is fundamental in supporting patients because it is frequent.
We will take the time to go into the details of each locking conflict and discover new ones. You will also be presented with new protocols specific to each locker. Demonstration and personal work will alternate.

Therapeutic metaphors (2 days)

The therapeutic metaphor is a mode of communication with the unconscious that bypasses resistance and safely authorizes change. The therapeutic metaphor is a verbal process (tale, parable), non-verbal (symbolic act), open (leaving the subject free to find his solution) or closed (creating analogical links between 2 elements and which, at the outset, does not have nothing in common). It allows another look on his life path, a new understanding of his initiatory problem, new choices, then a deep integration of change.You will learn to:Identify spontaneous metaphors in your subject: predicates, micro-metaphors, life scenario,
Facilitate your subject’s unconscious mind to create its own metaphor: “the directed waking dream”, use of Jungian archetypes, dialogue with the unconscious in the form of an ally, the hidden message, and other elements depending on the specific group request.

Double-constraint (1 day)

The double bind is a choice between losing or losing: it promotes the onset and especially the maintenance of a pathology. Learning to spot it and then process it is one of the objectives of this seminar. This conflicting structure is frequent in the maintenance of the problems presented by the patients. It feels like no way out: if I do this I cause a problem, if I don’t I cause another problem. The therapist is often powerless to get the patient out of this impasse. We will study the very precise structure of the double bind and many protocols allowing to open to the new.

Intuition and creativity (2 days)

Mourning (2 days)

As with Any relationship breakdown or hasty bereavement, we will learn how to end an unfinished relationship, because an abruptly stopped story slows down the evolution of the person, the construction of a new life project. We will take care to get to the end of this situation through group work and symbolic actions. In addition, we have to live with losses, more or less painful bereavements which are accompanied by a procession of more or less intense emotions. In order to avoid distress or pathological mourning (that is to say that people get stuck in unexpressed feelings) in a never-ending process of grief, I suggest you study the different stages of mourning. We will go and check what feelings the person is stuck in.

Finally, a ritual is created which serves as a reframing to make the missing person a mentor.Overweight (3 days)Being overweight is a problem that many people face. Whether it happened suddenly, in stages or gradually, it doesn’t matter. Whether you know since when or not, it doesn’t matter. Whether it’s a few pounds or a few tens of pounds, it doesn’t matter; You will, anyway, be able to understand how it came about. You will no longer suffer from this overweight. It will be possible for you to live by discovering a slimmer body, by finding the rewarding image that you have of yourself.

There is now, in France, a therapeutic method that I present to you: Biological Decoding. It is as if they finally brought you the map of the city in which you have been lost for so long. No one will stare at you anymore, look at you like a stranger, a stranger on every corner. Finally, you will be able to go home, recognize yourself, be yourself. This method reveals the different shocks, the different stresses that are the cause of our body’s biological need to accumulate. Accumulate, keep fat, water or other fabrics; this takes place in our cells, without our being able, until now, to act. During this workshop, you will be able to discover and explore the biological programs put in place following unmanaged over-stress, and above all you will


Becoming and remaining a true therapist is a rare and demanding job. Both a grace and a responsibility. The supervisions offered to you by the School of Practical Biological Decoding have several goals:

Answer your theoretical and practical questions.
Welcome and respond to your difficulties, your doubts.
Discern whether your difficulties are personal or due to a lack of information.
Guide you towards your excellence as future guides and therapists in bio-decoding.
Do your pre-validations, prepare for your validations.
Finding your style as a therapist, excellence also involves a level of integration of doing it your way.
Continuing to transmit to you what is specific in this brief therapy complementary to medicine, to transmit to you the latest advances in bio-decoding.
Bring awareness to your weaknesses and overcome them.
If you are already a bio-decoding therapist, continue to check your practice to maintain your SEO on the site.
Continue to improve your practice and update your knowledge.
Sharing our bonds of friendship around the same passions: decoding, health, conscience, transformation, …


In each training cycle, theoretical-practical skills are validated and a case review is carried out.
Cycle 1 Biodecoding Advisor
Cycle 2 Biodecoding guide
Cycle 3 Psycho-bio-therapist
During the course, it is proposed to carry out personal work through therapy, carrying out a minimum of therapy sessions during the three training cycles, to obtain the title of psychobiotherapist.
Each practitioner therapist in biological decoding accepts a code of ethics and signs a note of respect towards users, organizers, teachers, medicine and psychology.

The validation of cycle 1 allows:

– the active therapist (psychologist, psychotherapists, etc.) to use from the first module the protocols and the biological understanding of diseases
Validation, personal work and supervision will allow him to know many effective protocols and central, fundamental themes of illness and health to support his patient.

– to non-therapists or aspiring therapists: to this end, they must gain experience in a safe environment. Having the validation of the end of the first year, he informs his patients that he is in training and can use what he has learned in order to be able to integrate it provided he comes to supervise his practice.

It is advisable to meet rather small pathologies to begin with.

The validation of cycle 2 conflictology allows:

– the active therapist (psychologist, psychotherapists, etc.) to continue to use new protocols and a more detailed understanding of diseases.
Validation, personal work and supervision will continue to be essential in his path of professional growth.

– To the non-therapist or therapist in the making: he must therefore always give himself more experience, in an ethical and security framework. Having validated at the end of the second year, he informs his patients that he is in training and can use what he has learned in order to be able to integrate it provided he comes to supervise his practice.

The future therapist can begin to treat more complex pathologies with a more serious prognosis (in addition to medical treatment, as always) The validation will be made on the observation of the following elements:

– preparation of 3 cases of real patients met, with details of the portal
– survey
– first 15 minutes of a consultation session

This validation will be prepared by pre validations which will take place during the supervisions. When the candidate is ready the supervising teacher will inform the student of this; he will then be able to come to validation with 100 percent security of obtaining this validation.

(it is possible to reverse cycles 2 and 3)

The validation of cycle 3 thematic seminar allows:

– to meet all types of patients regardless of the symptoms: physical, emotional, behavioral
– to be referenced on the school website, with the request to continue supervisions annually
– to be autonomous in his practice, and unique in his style.

The validation will be made on the observation of the same elements as before, but with many more requirements:

– preparation of 3 cases of real patients encountered, with details of the portal and follow-up of sessions (at least 3 sessions per patient)
– survey
– First 15 minutes of a consultation session.

This validation will be prepared by pre validations which will take place during the supervisions. When the candidate is ready the supervising teacher will inform the student of this; he will then be able to come to validation with 100 percent security of obtaining this validation.


The validations of cycles 1, 2 and 3 will be led by Christian Flèche.
Twice a year for cycle 1
Once a year for cycles 2 and 3 in summer university