FPMD Escapes is about escaping to distant lands, different from your habits, where originality of the decor rhymes with growth and self-development.

FPMD Escapes is above all the desire to reconcile learning, originality, training, transformation, discovery and exoticism.

An appointment to progress, to progress, to advance, to dissolve, to deactivate hindrances, limitations and obstacles.

Choosing FPMD Escapes is actually answering yes to an appointment with the most important person there is: yourself.

This is why FPMD Escapes is committed to choosing strong, enchanting places, steeped in history, legend and mystery in order to live up to its promise: that of transposing you to unique, mythical places, a seminar in a strong place of meaning.

A place modeled on the subjects that will be proposed and studied. It is also another way to transform, to learn, to learn, to evolve, to change through the many personal growth tools available today, in new environments.

Anyway, daring to leave, decide to escape a few days for a seminar beyond the borders, it is to go back home being never again the same as before its departure.

This appointment with oneself is to rediscover our truth, the inner freedom of our Light, the one that has never left us, patiently waiting for us to turn to It so that it can deploy the prism of its potential.

FPMD Éscapes can be that liberating breath on our difficulties, our discomforts, an emancipatory breeze of renewal.

FPMD Escapes can be this liberating breath on our difficulties, our discomforts, an emancipatory breeze of renewal.

Only transformation, improvements are sought after, appreciated and invaluable, in the eyes of all, in a work of self-improvement.

FPMD Escapes is about reconciling individuality, support, learning times, sharing times, free time that everyone can complete with their own investigations and discoveries.

In addition, if these evolutions and transformations occur naturally then the bet of FPMD Escapes will be won: that of leading you to your own interior lands in order to exploit the potential of its possibilities.