Certified training as an advisor in biological decoding – Module 1 in London


Practical biological decoding advisor training

Cycle 1 module 1 in London, led by teachers from the French biodecoding school.

Module 1 from March 23/24, 2024

in London

Prerequisites: All audiences

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This level 1 training covers the foundations of Biodecoding®. It comprises 6 modules and makes you eligible for certification as a Biodecoding® Coach.
While diving into an inner adventure, you will acquire new skills. The Level 1 certification training is open to both professionals and lay people searching for new healing tools.
During those 6 modules you are going to discover how to listen and understand emotions at the origin of your symptoms.
You will learn to identify and unravel your true felt feelings to then be able to give them a positive meaning. This new message from your body will bring relief, guidance and recovery.
This personal and collective adventure will bring deep transformation within as you are going to uncover unknown parts of yourself and acquire competency in helping others.

What will this certification bring you?

 As a seasoned therapist (psychologist, naturopath, nurses, coaches…), already with the first module you will be able to understand the biological meaning of disease and use right away in your practice the protocols. Through personal work, supervision and the validation of your knowledge and skills, you will learn many powerful signature protocols and concepts that will allow you to accompany efficiently your clients.

 If you are not a therapist or you wish to become a therapist, you will be offered a secure space to develop your experience. After the validation of your competency at the end of the training, you will be able to accompany your clients and loved ones using the techniques you have learned. A regular supervision of your practice will be required though to insure a safe practice as you are becoming more proficient with your new skills.



Discover and experience the emotion-brain-body connection. Understand how one “gets sick” through the logic of the symptom and the biological meaning of disease. Fine tune your ability to listen to the biological feelings and learn how to transform them. Tell the difference between thoughts, sensations and emotions.