Practical Biological Decoding School

Bio-decoding school trainers


The Biodecoding School offers seminars and training for:

Individuals who wish to advance on their personal path and more particularly on certain themes such as project-meaning, Intuition and creativity, locking conflicts, overweight, structure of change, transgenerational, addictions and dependencies, etc.
Professionals and future professionals who wish to use Biodecoding in the helping relationship

Organization of the School of Biodecoding

Management: Christian Flèche
Christian ensures the sustainability of the school and the constant evolution of Biodecoding
Teaching team: Annie Roux-Bonnefoy, Christian Flèche, Linda Demeusy, Nelly Boyer, Mirella Vallance, Sophie Favarel, Jonathan Ettlinger.
The entire team, in whom Christian places all his trust, provides support, teaching and the transmission of knowledge. For several years, she has trained many therapists around the world.

Mirella-Vallance-ecole-christian-flècheFormerly a professional dancer, I felt in my body all kinds of injuries and repeated traumas, which led me to want to understand its mechanical functioning, and to take care of it.

Very quickly, my first training made me aware of the close link that exists between the physical symptom and the intense feeling that each one experiences in the face of various life trials (even if, apparently the physical symptom is triggered by an accident or any other external circumstance …)

In my desire to discover and understand the mechanisms that link emotion to the body, I was first certified in:
– Somatotherapy (Jean-Louis Abrassard. School of Touch)
– then in Functional Movement Therapy (Hervé Chambon and Gilles Dionizio. ETFM), Kinesiology and Bach Flowers
– before becoming passionate about Psycho-Bio-decoding (Christian Flèche with the training school in Psycho-Bio-decoding and Jean-Guillaume Salles. Bio-Bases and therapeutic NLP).

Experimenting with each of these techniques generated tremendous and profound changes in me that convinced me

Today, rich in these various approaches, I combine them to adapt to your request and accompany you as finely as possible on the path to your well-being!

Annie-roux-bonnefoy-ecole-christian-flecheWorked for many years in a hospital environment. It nourishes its therapeutic and coaching support with a multidimensional culture.

His skills were acquired by training in Ericksonnian Hypnosis, Systemic Family Therapies, Transactional Analysis, Biological Decoding….

She holds a Master in NLP, is Coach and trainer in NLP, Practitioner in Biological Decoding.

Linda-Demeusy-ecole-christian-flecheAlways interested in the close links between body and mind, I developed a passion very early on by the body’s ability to regenerate and the mind’s faculties to transform through energetics and Reiki.

Then, aware that the body keeps in memory all the shocks and traumas experienced, even if we no longer remember them, and that it is a wonderful gateway to free them, I turn to the Psychonomy: technique that sublimates osteopathy by integrating micro-physiotherapy and Chinese medicine.

As thoughts and emotions also have a direct influence on the physical body, I choose to improve myself in brief therapies that appeal to the subconscious to resolve difficulties in depth: I choose hypnosis, Biodecoding and NLP.

Based in the Territoire de Belfort (90), I support you on the path to physical and emotional well-being thanks to all these techniques (Reiki, Osteo, Biodecoding, Hypnosis, NLP, Trans-generational …)

I am a psycho-bio-therapist and trainer in Biodecoding (School of Christian Flèche)

sophie-favarel-ecole-christian-flecheI have always been passionate about the human being. The various trainings that I have followed have allowed me to be able to satisfy this passion and better understand individuals: sports educator, trainer of the different techniques used, ergonomics consultant to correct postural deviations encountered during evaluations of my clients and improve their fitness.

To better understand the impact of emotions on the body, I became interested in cognitive and emotional aspects and trained as a Psycho-Body Therapist and then as a Constellator to take into account the powerful links that the family clan can have on the patient. But what has revolutionized my practice the most is the discovery of the Biological Decoding of diseases. This efficient, precise technique that respects the process of the person attending therapy allows them to find the meaning of their disease by going to the heart of their problem and finding the solution.

Currently I see my patients in my practice in Angers and teach Biodecoding in Christian Flèche’s school. At the start of 2019 I am giving lectures to publicize the technique and start training in Ericksonian hypnosis.


At the source I am an energetician and throughout life a practitioner in wellness massage.

This practice of touch and the magic of an encounter with the Founder of Formessence confirmed this impulse to follow a new orientation, that of soft therapies.

In line with the support of people in search of improvement and / or change of life.

This support is done with the alliance of touch through craniosacral reflexology, and the connection to primary feelings through bio-logical decoding by relying on phases of Hypnosis and energy work.

In the continuity of potentiating these experiences, I am a teacher in craniosacral reflexology in order to allow everyone to develop this knowledge of the human body on the mental emotional and physical level, as well as trainer within the school of practical biodecoding of Christian Flèche.

jonathan-ettlinger-ecole-christian-flecheI am married and the father of 2 boys. First a railway worker out of loyalty to my family, a trade unionist out of curiosity about the functioning of human collectives, psycho-bio-therapist out of fascination for everyone’s ability to transform and finally a trainer in Biodecoding because I like to tell this vision of how it works. body, I have always explored human consciousness through different approaches (non-dual philosophies, Universal Astrology, Birth Reference, hypnosis, etc…). I share my experience, my influences and my knowledge in a simple and benevolent way because I like to enrich myself by interacting with those who cross my path.

Biodecoding is for me a path of body reappropriation and empowerment as well as a fantastic story of the intelligence of life and that is what I want to pass on to as many people as possible.

If you would like to learn more about mind-body connections and how your story influences your health, welcome.

brigitte-penot-ecole-christian-flecheAfter 20 years of career in business in Management, Brigitte PENOT created her company, APIFORM ‘, in 1993: she can finally let her passion for people flourish by supporting her and by organizing training in business and for particular. SICPNL certified coach and NLPNL certified teacher, her fundamental values ​​are: communication, transmission, development, ethics.

Apiform ‘meets the current and future needs of a changing world which requires a global vision and analysis of events: our interventions are based on various tools with multiple inputs, such as NLP, Transactional Analysis, systemic, the enneagram, theatrical expression tools, therapy techniques on the emotional origin of symptoms …

They make it possible to find the specific needs and motivations of each person, to implement the corresponding strategies, until the achievement of objectives set pragmatically within the framework of the development of personal and professional human potential.

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