Amma Assis: I was trained by Tony! This training is the best I have taken !! The technical aspect is essential, and repetition is essential. We got a CD at the end of the course, it allowed us to practice and improve. The Marketing aspect is super clear with Tony. Thanks to him, I loved taking the massage everywhere. I validate 100%. Seriousness and solidity … Roots and wings to get started …


Amma Assis: The best program I took this year !!! The amma massage training with Tony had an impact on me! He is a very patient and talented teacher. My clients are delighted when they receive the Amma technique he taught me !!

Naboupropriétaire de SPA

Amma Assis: Tony’s class had such a powerful and positive influence on me! His passion and enthusiasm for chair massage is contagious!


Amma Assis: “I read Tony’s book about seated massage in Brazil 20 years ago and it was an eye opener! He motivated me so much. Thanks to his inspiring teaching, I now own 13 spas from seated massage at airports in Sao Paulo, Brazil and I had the honor of bringing him to teach in Brazil last year! “

VagnerPropriétaire SPA bBrésil

Amma Assis: “Tony’s class changed my life. I found his training to be passionate, dynamic, inspiring, professional and very human. Thanks to his teaching, I now lead the life I have always dreamed of as a massage therapist. nomad “on the road, living in my motorhome and massaging across the country! I’m living my best life! “

SteveMassage Nomade

Amma Assis: “This is the best class I have ever taken! I was so scared that I couldn’t make a living doing massage. But today I do massage full time and I love my job, thanks to the confidence I have gained in Tony’s marketing course. “

LisaPraticienne de Massage