Tarot and Numerology: First of all, I would like to thank Richard very much for all his precious work with the guidance of tarot and numerology (which is an exact science) and for his exceptional coaching which is extraordinary !!!!!! !!!!!! I am so grateful to him for everything. Richard has helped me a lot to anticipate things and to settle them for myself over the past three years. My sister, who lives in Paris, recommended Richard to me, being one of his clients herself, and since consulting him, I have seen how Richard has changed my life !!! His work has allowed me to avoid catastrophic situations and to follow the best lead, showing me certain things he can perceive.
I recommend Richard Albacete to all of you who need guidance not only on the physical level, which will allow you to anticipate upcoming events but also on the level of the personal coaching that Richard gives you with refined expertise. Indeed, Richard is a world class coach. You won’t be disappointed, and I’m so impressed with his talent that I have recommended him to my friends, who have been seeing him regularly for at least a year and a half.


Tarot and numerology: Richard put my foot in the stirrup of tarot and numerology and I am very grateful to him, they are 2 wonderful tools in daily life and for personal development, in addition to the atmosphere courses which is top, I’m not even talking about the internship in Spain, a real vacation while learning. Seriousness but also a lot of humor in the courses that make you remember things. It also allowed me to share a lot of things with people with whom I have remained lifelong friends I think, really thank you Richard


Numerology and Tarot: I really appreciated the trainings that gave me a good idea of ​​how I work. Richard brings us his knowledge in a clear and relaxed way: this is very appreciable, always with respect and empathy

FloreSt. Paul- Nurse

Numerology and Tarot: Richard and Sonia are friendly people, which makes the training interactive and exciting. Richard masters his subject and transmits his passion

ValérieSt Pierre

Numerology and Tarot: Richard taught me or reminded me that we should not argue with ourselves , go to the heart of the matter: in fact he manages to show everyone that everything is possible as long as we have the choice and that we are aware of it. Thank you Richard and Sonia your very great qualities of heart


Numerology and Tarot: I have to say that I enjoyed it so much – as much as the quality of the content that the speaker. Richard who has a true and sincere way of transmitting his knowledge, while being simple and very real in his way of being