Biodecoding: “Very dense training which allowed me to change my outlook on the disease, to evolve towards another prism of analysis and reflection which” speaks “to me much better. Thank you !!!”

CélineAdministrative assistant

Biodecoding: “Biological decoding … we enter it out of curiosity and we end up wanting to do the whole course! For my part I particularly like the very practical side, we can apply what we learn from the first modules , and with results !! “


Bio-decoding: Like all the previous modules, the 3 days passed quickly. This module 6 was very appreciable thanks to Christian’s listening, generosity and patience. He knew how to put me at ease and in confidence. 3j mainly related to revisions and it really felt good to summarize past modules. The exchange was at the rendezvous and it was very pleasant. Thanks to Christian

StéphanieAccounting office assistant

Biodecoding: Dense and exciting training. Thanks again to Nelly for her dynamism, her kindness and her support. I highly recommend this training. I look forward to continuing to discover the next modules!


Bio PNL: Very good training. I can’t wait to do PNL 2 with Annie. Preferably in person if it is in zoom of course that I will do the training with pleasure.

Biodecoding: After having followed the first 4 modules with Nelly, I would like to testify to the quality of your training and of the trainer. The program, the pedagogy with the different rhythms (reminder of what has been said, theories, protocols) are effective and good., Nelly accompanies us with kindness and in this course and is listening to us. I highly recommend this training that I continue.
PascaleOccupational therapist, kinesiologist

Biodecoding: A real happiness that this module … of sharing, generosity and simplicity. Thank you to Nelly and to all the women present!

LaurenceTCSB and art therapy practitioner

Bio-decoding: I would like to thank Jonathan for his patience with our group. The subject was dense and we needed to go through it slowly and Jonathan mastered our pace perfectly. His explanations were very clear, well illustrated and he remained attentive with the 18 colleagues until the end of the training. In addition he extended the Sunday to ensure that some topics from the previous modules would be covered, at the request of some of us. I really appreciated his vision on an ideal future where people would have a safe space to express emotions without judgment and which would allow them a better quality of life with their own resources. Thank you for providing us with this support

Biodecoding: Jonathan is very attentive and anxious to respond to the needs and questions of everyone. With a desire to do the best while respecting its objectives. Thanks to him for this training weekend.
SandraNurse and therapist in Bioenergetics

Bio-decoding: The course with Jonathan is exciting and fabulous.