Richard Albacete

Tarologist, Numerologist, Trainer


Richard Albacete, trainer, numerologist, tarologist

Today, Richard Albacete wanted to take a further step in his decision when he wanted to devote himself to helping others with the Tarot of Marseille and then Numerology.

Training in numerology and tarot de Marseille training

Introducing these two disciplines was a first challenge. Building a school, devoting himself entirely to teaching is the daring and ambitious challenge he has set for himself. Richard would now like to devote himself to teaching Tarot and Numerology by making them accessible to everyone. Its intention is to popularize these two tools to as many people as possible. Thus, Richard wishes to return his letters of nobility to these two ancestral disciplines.

A lot of ground has therefore been covered, many experiences have been lived, hardships endured and defeats overcome. A certain understanding, patience allowed awareness. It was necessary to integrate certain learning before culminating in his passion, discovering Tarot first and then Numerology thereafter.

Thus, talent is born when a person is in their place doing what their heart tells them. In a life, there are torments that lead to turning points because the passion manifests itself intensely in its strong interior. One day, we wake up with the inevitable conclusion that we can no longer escape our destiny. This is precisely the choice Richard Albacete had to make to take his place today. Over time, encounters, experience, the setting takes shape.

Daring to position oneself, succeeding in living from one’s passion in order to be fulfilled is the goal where everyone should achieve. Having the courage and the will not to give in to ease, nor to daily comfort, nor to conformism is a challenge to be taken up above all with oneself.


A secular discipline, numerology is a science in its own right, that of “numbers that cast the shadows”, as Nicole Laury, the person who initiated Richard Albacete, liked to say. Numerology is based on the specific characteristics of numbers to describe behaviors, character traits, a way of functioning. For this, it is based on the numbers ranging from 1 to 9. However, there is a Numerology with 22 numbers which indicates additional information on the personality often linked to the 22 major arcana of the Tarot de Marseille, a notion widely introduced among others by Kris Hadar in his books.

Origin of numerology

Pythagoras, philosopher and mathematician was already working with numbers. He was the first to speak and introduce the fact, that they rule the universe and that everything that exists is first and foremost ruled by numbers. Numerology has crossed the centuries to reach us. The first to be interested in it was the American writer Sarah Joanna Dennis who published her first book on the subject. However, it is to her friend Julia Seton Sears that we owe the term “Numerology” which is commonly used today.
Finally, his daughter, Juno Jordan, disciple of Sarah Dennis, also continued his work by writing several books on the subject. Subsequently, many authors across the Atlantic have extended this discipline to make it popular such as Florence Campbell, Kevin Quinn Avery, Dan Milleman or Kris Hadar.In the West, Kevin Quinn Avery introduced Numerology. According to some experts, numerology was initially based on the only study of the name and the first name. Avery later included the date of birth. Later, Jean-Daniel Fermier, Nicole Laury and other authors developed and helped disseminate these teachings in France. From our personal perspective, which is not necessarily an absolute truth, it is to these two authors that we owe the spread of numerology in France.

Discovering numerology

Three pieces of data are needed to map a person: their date of birth, first name and last name. With these three elements, the science of numbers is able to paint a portrait of a person: childhood, family atmosphere, adolescence, parental attitude, psychology, behavior as a couple, with close friends, in the professional environment, in the event of a dispute. , passions, clumsiness and failures because Numerology, it is said, “does not determine the lived experience but it helps to understand it”.

Numerology: a science to develop, grow, mature, evolve

Numerology is an excellent choice, an effective method for looking inward, understanding yourself, knowing yourself, anticipating your weaknesses, learning to live to the rhythm of the vibration of numbers in order to go in their direction. If, for example, a day is favorable to work, it is better to devote this time to professional activities, tackling a complex file, planning a meeting, moving forward with a presentation, filing, ordering papers, tidying up and organizing. his personal effects. Likewise, if a day is favorable for signing a contract, it is also desirable to schedule it on that day.Numerology makes us realize that there is a time for everything to devote to it at that time: work, rest, have fun, relax, be in action, in withdrawal, with family, to reflect, to celebrate, to dare. It’s an atmosphere just like the seasons, the way of dressing, of adjusting during the balmy summer days or the harsh cold of winter.
Stable energies and variable energies
During a lifetime, each person will have to deal with certain numbers that will go through them in cycles of varying length (28 years, 9 years, 1 year, 4 months, etc.). The set of numbers will interact, combine to form the complex being that each person is.Thus, numerology provides an overview, the potential at its disposal, the strengths and the dominant aspects of a personality. This is our innate initial potential. It will be to enrich while other points will be to work such as an overly strong ego, the couple relationship, sociability, submission, domination, the granting of power, the relationship to money, the ability to analysis or the ability to help others are other examples.

Numerology and multiple experiences

Numerology includes in its analyzes and demonstrations all lived experiences, regardless of the time between them. According to her, the being goes through incarnations to extract the essence of many experiences. Over the course of his multiple passages on earth, the being draws from it learning, understanding to learn from it. This is how he builds up his capital, made up of his strengths, skills, facilities and everything that has not yet been understood or integrated. During his successive lives, it can happen to make mistakes, to make mistakes, to pull at oneself without being invited, to harm consciously or not. The being thus forges a know-how, a know-how and a certain maturity. Out of ignorance, it may happen that his actions lead to unfortunate, deleterious consequences for a person, a group or a wider public.

Numerology points to what needs to be balanced, a lack of experience, what has been mistakenly taken, excessive domination, abuse of power, tyrannical, despotic attitude, arbitrary acts. The intelligence of life shows that no damage can stand still. Any harmful consequences, losses or damages must be readjusted.

Often, difficulties or oppositions will be present for a longer or shorter time. It will be necessary to endeavor to resolve them as best as possible despite adverse situations or circumstances, sorrows or grief, disappointments and annoyances. Repairs are therefore necessary and inevitable so that the experiences are rebalanced and integrated. On this condition, the intelligence of life will hold that the wrongs have been righted and the wrongs dissolved. Thus, the counters will be reset to zero again. Only wisdom will remain, a sign of discernment and of a certain quality of being. To go further, if you wish to deepen the subject of numerology, training courses are regularly organized in France, Switzerland, Reunion Island as well as in Spain.

Immersion in the Tarot de Marseille

Immersion is an invaluable gift that is offered to strengthen, consolidate, the overall teaching of the Tarot. This makes it possible to combine all the knowledge and information learned and acquired in all the modules. The emphasis will be on intensive practice, very supported by different types of exercises, live training with participants or surprise consultants. The immersion is an opportunity to verify all the information given previously, to go deep into the abysses of the Tarot in order to feel at ease there like a fish in water. It is also the opportunity to trigger automatisms, reading reflexes
or the opportunity to review one or more particular difficulties related to learning, to more easily understand certain fuzzy, confused, dark or troubled aspects. It is also a considerable asset in the practice of Tarot, exceptional circumstances
learning to meet, in a timeless setting, to exchange, dialogue, practice between enthusiasts about any questions, exercises or subject relating to the Tarot.
Participation in the immersion course is necessary for obtaining professional certification.


Review of the sectional print and all the elements that make up this type of print.
Review of the cross-draw and all the data constituting this type of draw.
Revision of the draw in 21 and its three axes: professional, emotional and financial.
Exercises, training and interactive practice with each member of the group.

The scenarios will be done “live”. Each participant will have the opportunity to ask his question to the pupil, “future tarologist”, supported, of course by the whole group and the teacher, in order to provide a concise answer to the “consultant pupil”. to the advice of the Tarot.

Put the student in a similar situation of a consultation by the presence of “surprise guests”.
Sharpen your listening skills, feelings, intuition and for some of you mediumship
Answer any question, whatever the field

Tarot certification

Once you have learned the basics, you can take the modules in any order you prefer. The practice of Tarot being delicate, complex or even embarrassing, we would like to draw your attention to the integrity and ethics necessary to ensure this profession in its own right. Some maturity and wisdom are required. It is very important to understand that only the consultant has the power to act, that he is the only decision maker.
He remains free of his actions. As a professional, it is about ensuring a fair reading of the cards, advising, warning of risks or misdeeds, recommending certain actions and in no case influencing one way or another. The opinion must remain neutral. The qualities of benevolence, understanding and indulgence will also be greatly appreciated. All of these will be carefully checked during the assessment.
For this, we ask to follow a minimum of modules (to be specified), to which will be added a final immersion training of several days. This information will be specified when the time comes to those interested.
Obtaining the certification can only be effective after completing all the modules and passing the final exam. The latter will be sanctioned by Richard Albacete as well as the members of the jury.
Once the certification has been acquired, you will be able to perform several types of draws, to confirm with a specific draw, to advise, to provide recommendations. Thanks to the Tarot, you will help your consultants move forward through awareness, for example, to identify pitfalls, obstacles or difficulties, behaviors or attitudes to correct in order to advance their project or their ideas. The psychological aspect is fundamental for the consultation to be successful and the person to be satisfied with your service. It is certain that you will greatly participate in the improvement, advancement and development of the living conditions of people who will place their trust in you.

The science of numbers surprises in many ways with its accuracy and precision.

It is a simple, effective tool that will make it possible to understand, for example, the choices made at specific times, to explain why certain reactions or attitudes were adopted.

If you want to immerse yourself in the heart of numbers then a training in numerology will allow you to understand the lived situations, the choices made, the attractions for certain subjects, fields, passions or people.

When the cause of the experience is discovered, everything becomes clearer as when the clouds disappear from an azure blue sky. Thus, it will bring you a better understanding of yourself and others.


We offer several training modules during which you will be trained on the essential bases of numerology. Note that you have the possibility of participating in the other modules without distinction after having followed the basics of module 1.

Module 1

In the first module, will be studied:

The path of life (calculation, interest and meaning)
The intimate number (calculation, interest and meaning)
The number of achievements (calculation, interest and significance)
The number of expressions, its importance and its interpretation

From the first module, you will realize that what is valid for you also applies to your family, to those around you. You will be able to establish a description of all the people around you: your life partner, your loved ones, the personality of a future manager, a colleague, the destiny of your children, a person who has just met, the best orientation for his studies, the compatibilities of a couple, a future collaboration or association, possible business partners.

Module 2


The inclusion grid and the multiple possibilities of its inhabitants
Additional unpaid bills
The inclusion grid indicates the strengths and dominant aspects of a personality. It also specifies the weaknesses, the missing numbers and the subjects that will need to be improved. The inclusion grid therefore defines our innate initial potential, our way of functioning in all areas of life. Each house will be
inhabited by a number. Depending on who resides there, the amplitude, energy and specific characteristics will not be the same. When inclusion is empty, this absence signifies a potential that everyone will dress according to their resources, their strengths, their possibilities or their weaknesses. The 0 also symbolizes infinity, the Mat,
in the tarot, “the field of possibilities”, genius, infinity, madness. It’s up to us to make the most of it to make our actions, our projects and our intentions a reality.

Reminder of the main houses that will be studied:

1. The ego, the personality, the father
2. The relationship with the other, the mother, the couple
3. Expression, intelligence, communication
4. Work, ancestors, roots, organization
5. Change, movement, evolution, travel
6. Family, responsibilities, harmony, beauty
7. Analysis, knowledge, faith, spirituality, intelligence
8. Power, matter, money, honesty
9. The humanist, altruism, the stranger

To this will be added the additional debts, the balance of which will absolutely have to be closed, in this life in order to avoid passing them on or generating new arrears. It will be necessary to remain attentive and vigilant in the face of this latent, threatening liability. By themselves, these unpaid bills mean a whole lesson in life to understand, to overcome in
more than all the others to be regularized. This module will place particular emphasis on the karmic aspect, work on oneself and in particular the lessons that are important to be aware of in order to assimilate the teaching.

Module 3


The concordance of the numbers specifies the affinities, the alliance of the latter when they rub shoulders and this in different contexts: friendship, work, associations, partnerships and finally compatibility in the affective domain
The number of fulfillment refers to what must be achieved, done, accomplished in a lifetime to be radiant, joyful, light. This is the purpose of existence. As long as this goal is not obtained or achieved, difficulties, disagreements, problems, negative events or results will follow one another
The lucky number (cosmic number) alone sums up all the information. It is the concentrate of our energy. It gives the influence, the global drive that will be active throughout our lives. This is also a number that is favorable in many ways.
The personal year and the three cycles. The personal year specifies the nature of events, the type of attitude as well as our behavior or reactions during that year. The personal year is divided into 3 periods of four months called cycles (which overlap two personal years). They refine and specify the coloring that will dress these 4-month periods and set the scene in relation to the personal year. Events will be in our favor or not depending on our attitudes, actions and reactions.

Module 4


The three great adjacent cycles: formation, maturity, harvest They mark out our existence. These are periods of change that make it possible to effect or acquire certain attitudes, certain personal accomplishments. The numbers that make up our date of birth bear the imprint of the type of cycle we have come to experience.
Achievements are added to cycles. They provide additional information on how we experience events or life circumstances. They indicate in particular the qualities that we must acquire or the achievements that will be important for our progress.
The challenges point to the difficulties, the lessons to be understood, to be learned and in particular on the type of tests (material, social or psychological) to overcome, the behaviors that it is preferable to adopt in order to be able to overcome these pitfalls and difficulties. We will discuss the main challenge (major challenge) to which will be added two other subsidiary challenges (minor challenges). These challenges will provide additional details on our learning.

Numerology Certification

Like tarot, you have the opportunity to improve your knowledge of numerology in a professional manner. Several modules can ensure your learning and therefore an optimum specialization to accurately identify the difficulties or the main goal of a person’s life. The course you take will be sanctioned by a final exam during which the acquisition, assimilation and integration of all the information from these 4 modules will be verified. This certification will allow you to practice numerology in a professional capacity. After certification, you will be able to establish a person’s complete life program, identify their life issues, the subjects that will be worked on on an ad hoc basis or throughout their existence. You will be able to participate in making grow, evolve, improve the life of your consultants by raising awareness. You will also be able to highlight how the association and the combination of these numbers sum up on their own, their whole life, all their problematic, where they come from and how understanding the facets of a number can greatly contribute to changes. notable in their lives.

As for the Tarot, we want to educate anyone who wishes and seeks to acquire Numerology as a work support. We remind you that the consultant is the only decision-maker of his life, of his actions. Information and advice are provided, but in no case can we dictate his conduct or make decisions for him, it would be an offense to his free will. We must therefore remain vigilant because the confusion is rapid, source of error and your responsibility would be engaged. These items will be carefully checked during the assessment. On the other hand, we want to convey values ​​of benevolence, tolerance, indulgence, altruism and empathy. We sincerely hope that our students are in this lineage in order to preserve, transmit and perpetuate these qualities and values ​​dear to our hearts through the teachings disseminated.

Obtaining certification can only be effective after having completed all of the modules and successfully passing the final exam which will be validated by Richard Albacete and the members of the jury.


The Tarot of Marseilles is made up of 22 cards known as “arcana” or “blades” major. The tarot takes its name from the city where it was formerly printed. Each blade is illustrated by images representing archetypes: characters, symbols, emblems. These 22 cards group together and detail all of human life (professional, sentimental, family, financial, legal, etc.). The strength, the power of tarot is to be able to answer any question.

The origins of the Tarot de Marseille

The tarot takes its name from the city that published these famous cards although it was also printed in Paris as well as in other French cities. Marseille was recognized for the expertise of its master cartiers. Tracing the time when the precise date of the creation of the tarot would be somewhat ambitious, its appearance remains unclear. Many experts have looked into this question in an attempt to elucidate it. Often, we talk about his debut in Italy where he would have been located, then in France.

In reality, the tarot will be revisited, seen and corrected many times. This is why its tracing and history remains somewhat difficult to pin down and refine. Some symbols and details remain or have been removed. There are as many versions as there are enthusiasts of the Tarot universe. Thus, the neophyte has many variations of games to which he will be attracted according to his preferences. A tarot deck is personal. Like Aladin’s lamp, when called upon, it illuminates with its lantern, like a halo of light, always through the user who animates it.

Discovering the Tarot de Marseille

To the untrained eye, tarot seems to be a simple game with bright, distinct colors, archaic images or representations, rather outdated. Yet experienced people know that cards never fall to chance. Whether it is the decor, the colors, the landscape, the characters, the animals or the symbols, nothing is the work of chance. 22 cards only to describe, prevent, warn, denounce and advise. Those who practice it know that its lighting always falls on target.

The history of humanity in 22 maps

The Tarot de Marseille has crossed the ages and centuries to reach us. He is a timeless traveler who condenses within himself the history of the world, the human potential. It can be found everywhere at the same time, past, present, future, near or distant future. Riddled with a myriad of universal symbols, the Major Arcana of Tarot contains a multitude of details (such as colors, ornamentation, symbols, emblems, shapes). All of these will guide and serve for the final interpretation to flesh out the message to be delivered.

Role of the Tarot of Marseille

Its field of action is very wide. The Tarot of Marseilles is addressed to the greatest number. Usually, a combination of circumstances leads to him. The consultant discovers the tarot during the great turning points of his life when changes are necessary, inevitable. His recommendations and advice are therefore welcome to be guided in life choices (professional activity, orientation, union, separation, administrative problems, disputes, examinations, real estate transactions, financial, etc.).

When the Tarot de Marseille is called upon, it points out the obstacles, the drawbacks nested deep in the subconscious. Thus, it brings a head start, an anticipation allowing to avoid the pitfalls, the traps, the dark parts of oneself. As such, he warns and delivers sound advice. Often times when the message is interpreted finely then the person can orient their life in the direction that is most profitable for them.

The Tarot de Marseille is a real mirror. Like invisible threads, he will draw on the unconscious, the past, childhood or certain painful events to reveal, expose the origin of a problem, a defect, a loss, a psychological aspect. failing. It can also show the points strengths of a person or situation. This is how its usefulness will be most remarkable.


The tarot answers multiple questions (however, questions relating to health are not covered). Also, he speaks all languages ​​because of his universal language. In reality, the performer’s talents, his subtlety, his finesse of mind will make all the difference. This will highlight the particular message that the tarot wishes to convey. He can amplify, insist on certain aspects that the person must keep in mind to succeed in his goal, his actions.

A benevolent traveling companion

When a person sees the precision brought by the Tarot then a certain confidence sets in. She is more relaxed, her efficiency no longer needs to be justified. The consultant now knows the advantages provided by the tarot. Its benefits are no longer to be demonstrated. Thus, out of prudence, he will prefer to probe this discreet, imperceptible, invisible friend who sees correctly. Deep down, anyone who has experienced the talents of tarot knows that he always invites you to take the shortest route, that he avoids detours, winding paths, obstacles or pitfalls.

Learning the Tarot of Marseille, courses and training

Over time, some people will show the urge, desire or need to tame this fascinating tool as well. Also, those who feel called by Tarot will be happy to learn that they too can decode its universal language. They will first be able to begin to assist, support and support those around them and then extend their skills to a wider audience.

Learning sessions are regularly organized to discover the Tarot de Marseille. These courses will allow you to understand and explore the infinite possibilities of the Tarot de Marseille.

In addition, the tarot contains two main poles: the psychological part and the divinatory aspect.

In the first place, the psychological tarot will allow to detect the mind of the consultant, his personality, his current concerns, his interests or his troubles. From then on, it will make it possible to draw up the portrait of the consultant.

The other great strength of tarot is its predictions. Indeed, the divinatory part is the most captivating, the most fascinating. It will make it possible to reconstruct the facts, to tell the consultant’s story, the links forged with those around him, friends, relationships, what is favorable to change, to transform, the attitude to adopt, his current situation, brakes, faults in the accomplishment of his intentions or ambitions. The Tarot alerts, shows, guides. It allows you to get ahead of your actions, to have a certain head start.

The 22 Arcana

I – The Bateleur
II – The High Priestess
III – The Empress
IV – The Emperor
V – The Pope
XVI – The House of God
XVII – The Star
XVIII – The Moon
XIV – The Sun
XX – The Judgment
VI – The Lover
VII – The Chariot
VIII – Justice
IX – The Hermit
X – The Wheel of Fortune
XXI – The World
XXII – Le Mat
XI – The Force
XII – The Hanged Man
XIII – The Arcanum without a Name
XIV – Temperance
XV – The Devil

Richard Albacete,

tarologist, numerologist, trainer and lecturer teaches tarot and numerology. He himself researched and tested many methods before establishing his own synthesis. Essential, the passion for these disciplines constantly pushes him to renew his achievements to further anchor his expertise.

Over time, some people will show the urge, desire or need to tame, too, the fascinating tools of tarot or numerology.

Also, those who feel called by the tarot will be happy to learn to decode, in turn, its universal language. They will be able to begin to assist, support, support, initially, their entourage and then extend their skills to a wider audience.

The tarot contains two major poles: the divinatory part and the psychological aspect, but its great strength remains its predictions. Indeed, the divinatory part is the most captivating, the most fascinating. It will tell the story of the consultant, the links forged with the entourage, the couple relationship, changes in activity, what is favorable to change, the attitude it would be good to adopt, the brakes on accomplishment. Thus, the emotional, professional and financial part will be studied.

Subsequently, the psychological aspect of the tarot will allow to detect the state of mind of the consultant, his personality, his current concerns, his interests or his worries. From then on, it will make it possible to identify the problem or the circumstances in which the consultant evolves.

In addition, the courses are focused only on practice. As such, the draws are made live on the questions of the participants who will be selected. Richard has found, for several years, that this method is the most effective and that it gives the best results. For those who will follow the training, a tarot consultation is therefore not necessary. All the answers or clarifications sought will be studied during the training with the students. In addition, group synergy will bring additional added value to each participant.

Tarot is a powerful tool for learning to interact with oneself, to probe the unconscious, to progress, to evolve. Its strength is to lift the veil on what is concealed, hidden. As such, it is revealing. He is able to identify the psychic aspect, very often the one that escapes us and with which we have little objectivity. In addition, the tarot pierces weaknesses, highlights the facilities, shows what is favorable. He always brings sound advice.

If you are drawn to the magic of tarot, the card environment, and want to introduce this tool into your life, basic training will give you a first glimpse. So with regular practice, the Tarot de Marseille will develop your intuition, increase your feelings, increase your subtle perceptions as well as your sixth sense. For those whose extrasensory perceptions are already vivid, the tarot can only accentuate or intensify them further.

Like the letters of the alphabet, tarot is an interactive language where you will learn how to read it and its many subtleties. You will be asked to choose your own game, the one for which you have an attraction, a preference. There are plenty of them on the market. For our part, we mainly work with the Tarot deck of Grimaud®.

Richard Albacete’s working method applied to all modules.

Each teaching is lively, animated and interactive through the draws that will be made live with the participants. Any student will therefore have the opportunity to ask a question to the Tarot. Richard will read and demonstrate live (analysis and sequence of a draw: main axes, psychological aspects, past, advice and response of the Tarot). You will thus have an answer and a clarification of your situation which will avoid taking a private consultation. Several training modules are available to perfect your learning. Once you have completed the basics, you can take the modules in the order of your preference. This rule applies to both Tarot and Numerology modules.


Module A – The fundamentals (beginner level)
Module B – The fundamentals (confirmed beginners)
Module C – Fundamentals (advanced beginners)

Module A


of the 22 major arcana
psychological aspect
of the divinatory aspect
generic blades,
replacement blades draw with only one
tarot card: the vibratory trend of the day
The basics of Numerology, a support tool for the Tarot and its main axes:
– the path of life,
– the personal year.

Purpose of the training

Identify the 22 major arcana of the Tarot de Marseille.
Acquire the basics and the essential elements of Tarot
Assimilate the psychological aspect and the divinatory aspect of each blade

Module B

• the 22 major arcana
• the psychological aspect
• the divinatory aspect
• characters

Feedback on his experience:

Facilities, difficulties, gaps, ease
Study of your prints:
– interpretation, corrections
Identify the psychological state of the consultant
Highlight the consultant’s expectations and projections
Focus on the importance of the wording of the question
Reminder of the value of Numerology and its role before any draw

Draw in the group:

Work on hearing: listen to the participant-guinea pig
Work on listening, feeling and perceptions
Examine the printout to extract the main message and locate the response
Emotional, professional, financial drawing practice …

Purpose of the training:

The basics of cutting
Identify the relevant slides for the consultant
The importance of Numerology, a support tool for the Tarot
Identify the problem, the difficulty, perceive the advice
Begin to articulate a story by associations of cards to answer the consultant’s question.
Answer any simple professional, emotional or financial question

Module C

Exercises and practice

Analyzes of different cases (draws)
Learn to examine a print to ensure reading of major axes
Identify the psychological state of the consultant in a draw
Analyze a projective draw in its divinatory dimension
Answer simple questions on the main themes: emotional, professional and financial

Zoom on the drifts:

the ability and possibility to go beyond the question asked
Work on your listening skills on feelings, intuition
Practice by deepening the prints in the group or by the presence of guinea pigs
Situation in the conditions of a consultation by the presence of “surprise guests”.

Purpose of the internship:

Train, practice, develop reading reflexes.
Practices and training will trigger automatisms in the associations of cards.
Sharpen your understanding of a global situation, sharpen your discernment, your subtle perceptions, your intuition

Module 4

The cross draw

By teaching the basics transmitted during the last 3 modules, this essential knowledge will be used to deepen a main reading in the practice of tarot. All professionals use and favor the cross print. It offers many reading possibilities, a wealth of information as well as a vision and a more extensive overview over time of the response to the question asked by the consultant.


Clarify the expectations of the consultant, develop his projections, wishes and expectations
The importance of formulating a precise question to obtain a precise result
Reading the timeline (present zone, immediate future, distant future, past)
Locate the repetitions of slides, the area concerned, (dynamic, positive slides, going in an advantageous direction, unfavorable slides, plumbing the draft and therefore the final response?)
Identify the contradictory, contradictory blades
Identify the consultant’s situation, his psychological state
Study and analysis of the entire print run
The central axis
Match the cards, locate the answer and the tarot advice
Practice listening, feeling, intuition and mediumistic capacities
Give a clear, concise response with tact, kindness and empathy

Module 5

The in-depth cross-draw

Go deeper into the cross-draw to confirm the knowledge acquired in module 4. It will now be a question of looking for details that will clarify and consolidate the answer and the result of the initial draw.


Clarify the consultant’s expectations, fine-tune his projections, wishes and expectations
Make sure to state well, to articulate the right question always with the help of the consultant, to increase the chances of obtaining a precise answer
The 4 stages of the covered print
The heel: the key “awareness” to correct your attitudes and progress in your state of mind, in your behavior
Identify the repetition of the slides, the area concerned, the contradictory slides, the psychological state of the consultant, the characters, locate the answer
Interpretation of all the cards then analysis of each part of the draw (sections)
Qualify the drifts: read beyond the initial question the subjects or areas that appeared in the draw. Drift is the ability to deviate from important themes in the consultant’s life in order to point them out to him.
Work on listening, your feelings, refine your intuition and for some of you mediumship
Being able to answer simple questions

Module 6

The draw in 21 and the draw in the cross

It makes it possible to understand an additional tool, the pull in 21. It is also the moment to bring together all the knowledge previously understood and integrated and to present it in a single exercise: the consultation. She will occupy the second part of this internship. This will be intensive training at a sustained pace in order to complete and perfect the teaching of your knowledge.


Discovery of the draw in 21 cards, without calculations, without hidden blades or questions
The three axes of the draw in 21: the emotional, the sentimental and the financial line
Interpretation of the stub: “key explanation” confirming the position of the cards and therefore of each area. The heel allows the “awareness” to progress in his attitudes
The global vision of the year given by the draw in 21
Review of all the knowledge of the cross draw: characters, space time, plentiful blades, repetitions, drifts, covered draw, psychology of the characters, of the consultant, card associations, the card central, oppositions or contradictions …
Practice, exercises and training in the group
Real and live situation by participants’ questions
Highlight and work on your listening skills, your feelings, amplify your intuition and for some of you, your mediumship
Answer any question whatever the subject